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Asphalt Surface Treatment

Asphalt surface treatment covers the most ground when it comes to cost-effective maintenance.

An asphalt preservation plan is more cost-effective than corrective maintenance – and that’s where surface treatments come in. Asphalt surface treatment is the process of applying a protective coating to the top of pavement in order to protect it from the elements and prolong its lifespan. At Weaver Construction Services we use Pitch Black Asphalt Emulsion Sealcoat. Pitch Black is durable, high-performing, 100% non-toxic and contains zero coal tar and 0.00% PAHs. We have the lab reports and safety data sheets to prove it. Check out EcoShield Asphalt Products for more information or contact them for an assessment at 866-ECO-SHLD or

Pitch Black

Why Preservation?

Unsealed asphalt will dry out, turn grey, crack, “alligator,” lose aggregate, and ultimately form potholes and sinkholes over time resulting from complete stone base failure below the asphalt.

Full depth asphalt patching includes replacing the underlying stone base and is the most expensive asphalt repair, but may be avoided by performing asphalt treatment – the cheapest form of asphalt maintenance.


Asphalt surface treatment can triple untreated pavement life by providing superior defense against manmade factors such as oils and fuels which soften asphalt as well as environmental factors such as drying from the sun and water penetration from rain and ice.

Aside from the practical benefits, it provides that like-new appearance and beautiful aesthetic to your property. Asphalt surface treatment enhances your parking lots and streets with a deep, rich, matte black finish which provides a clean, crisp appearance that makes your building and landscaping pop in contrast.

Ideally, asphalt treatments should be performed shortly after new paving, then maintained on a periodic schedule. It’s much more cost effective to invest a little now on preventative maintenance versus a lot later on repair.

Squeegee Asphalt Treatment

Street Application Squeegee Truck

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