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Weaver Drainage Team is OSHA-certified in Excavation Safety


Weaver Construction Services is pleased to announce that two of their drainage crew professionals have been OSHA-certified in excavation safety.

“United Rentals’ Excavation Safety Training for Competent Persons has been designed by professional trainers to meet OSHA standard 1926 subpart P requiremOSHA certifiedents for excavation oversight.

Training Topics:

  • Soil classification
  • Sloping and benching
  • Timber shoring
  • Aluminum hydraulic shoring
  • Requirements for protective systems
  • Manufactured tabulated data
  • Site specific engineering
  • General requirements and competent person responsibilities”
We are continuously looking for ways to grow and improve, keep our employees safe, and add value to our clients. Education and client advocacy are crucial to our culture and we are proud of these two diligent members of our team!