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Sealcoating 101 & The Harsh Effects of Winter on Asphalt


Recently, you’ve probably noticed some of the major effects of the harsh winter weather in our area. The snow/ice has taken a huge toll on the asphalt pavement and you can see signs of this throughout the Carolinas. You’ll notice more cracks and they may even be longer or wider, and roadways and parking lots may even be blocked or coned off because of the dangerous driving conditions. If you spot “sandy” or muddy” conditions where you’re driving it is most times the actual under base coming up from under the roadway as a result of the ice/water sitting on the asphalt and permeating to a point where it cracks and brings up the foundation to the surface. This is a bad sign.

Conditions like this are due to the protective barrier on top of the asphalt being worn down and not sealcoated consistently enough which will over time ultimately lead to a repaving or overlay to rehabilitate the asphalt – and this is costly. To avoid this considerable expense and large inconvenience, sealcoating is a cost-effective and protective option – it is recommended every 2-5 years depending on the condition of the asphalt which will require an assessment from one of our experienced estimators. This option will act as a barrier to many environmental and weather conditions, like:

  • gasoline,
  • oils,
  • water,
  • ice,
  • snow,
  • rain,
  • heavy traffic,
  • and more.

The sun and the water are the primary culprits when it comes to roadway and parking lot deterioration. The beach may not get a lot of snow, but the ice and major rainfall does more damage as it sits, puddles, and eventually deteriorates the pavement. Your best bet is to sealcoat as a preventative measure against these elements and prolong the life of your asphalt rather than making quick fixes or applying band-aids every few months. Just like painting the exterior of your house, you want to apply a sealant to protect it and give it a longer life.

Check out our helpful Sealcoating 101 infographic below. And, if you see any issues as a result of harsh winter conditions, contact Weaver Construction Services with your questions and receive trusted, knowledgeable answers from the experts.