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Parking Lot Maintenance: 5 Reasons It’s Important for Your Business


Parking lot maintenance might be the last thing on your mind when you think of your business and its needs. However, parking lot maintenance is an essential part of keeping your business looking good and providing your customers what they need to best visit your business. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons it’s important for your business.

1. Safety and Compliance – One in five motor vehicle accidents happen in parking lots. Fractures, potholes, puddling water, faded striping and other hazards can increase the likelihood of accidents in your lot. Fractures and potholes can be a trip and fall hazard for pedestrians walking through your lot. Pools of water and puddles can be a slippery obstacle for pedestrians. They are also dangerous for cars to drive through as puddles can be deep and cause damage to cars. Parking lot lines and markings can fade in the sun and lead to more potential accidents. Maintaining your parking lot increases safety and also keeps you in compliance with any local or municipal requirements.

2. Liability – A safer parking lot that is well maintained means less chance of pedestrian injuries, motor vehicle accidents and damage to vehicles from potholes and puddles. Decreasing the likelihood of these kinds of incidents means lower risk of lawsuits and liability issues for your business.

3. Curb Appeal – Make sure the outside of your business looks as nice and well cared for as the inside. Parking lot maintenance like sealcoating and restriping creates a smooth, appealing surface. Sealcoating and restriping restores the rich dark color of the pavement and the bright lines and markings to help customers better see parking spaces and enjoy parking at your business. Don’t forget to regularly keep trash and debris cleaned up to keep your parking lot looking fresh and clean.

4. Longevity – Proper parking lot maintenance prevents more extensive damage and helps protect against the elements. Parking lots that are maintained properly, regularly sealcoated and restriped increase the lifespan of the entire lot. Maintenance gives you more years of use before the lot needs to be ripped up and replaced. Replacing a lot is much more expensive than even the most attentive maintenance plan.

5. Parking Lot Space – Sealing and restriping could allow you to choose a different parking layout that could result in adding spaces to your lot. More parking is better for any business. Clearly defined and visible parking spots also tie into the safety point above. And if you can increase the number of parking spots you provide for customers, even better!

Parking lot maintenance can often get shuffled to the backburner, especially for busy business owners. We hope these 5 reasons it’s important for your business have demonstrated just how important keeping your parking lot properly maintained can benefit your business and your customers. When you are ready for parking lot maintenance services, call Weaver Construction. We can fix faults, seal cracks, sealcoat and restripe your lot to refresh and increase the safety of your lot.