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Client SOLUTIONS: Sealcoating Marcliffe West


At Weaver Construction Services, we take pride in our work and our craft. Our estimators take the time to listen to the client’s needs, and any budget or time constraints. We take the time to customize a highly accurate quote, free of charge, and deliver an exceptional final product with results you can count on. Our crews work hard to deliver that same level of professionalism and accuracy on each project.

In this month’s Client Solutions story, we highlight our work at Marcliffe West in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. We applied the sealer with the squeegee application method for a beautiful, uniform, and consistent look. There is no better way to protect your pavement than with a sealing application every 2-3 years after installation.

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At Weaver, squeegee and spray are the two methods we use to apply the sealer and have found them to be effective for different reasons and for different pavement types. For long roads and heavier traffic areas we suggest the squeegee method. Contact us for specific projects and our experts can recommend the right solution for you.

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