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CLIENT SOLUTIONS: Drainage Installation and Road Widening


Weaver Construction Services provides a wide array of pavement maintenance and repair work all along the coastal Carolinas, but some consumers don’t know that we are also a licensed drainage, grading, concrete, erosion control, and water and sewer contractor.

Many of our clients find that having us as their “go to” contractor for all asphalt, concrete and drainage services is convenient and economical, and only one phone call away.

This week, our team is providing total drainage installation and road widening solutions.

The crew is installing an exfiltration drainage system, which is a method for managing stormwater runoff without having to install a retention pond – as this may take up valuable space on your property.

This type of service is sometimes required when installing impervious surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, etc.

Contact us for your free consultation on any drainage, concrete, asphalt, pressure washing needs today or use our online RFP form.

UPDATE: Check out the amazing before and after photos of this critical project. From drainage, road widening to final parking lot striping.