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Happy Holidays 2019

On Friday, December 13, the Weaver team came together to celebrate a wonderful year filled with hard work, integrity, and dedication to clients and friends. Daniel and Jason Weaver were on hand to give out out their annual #KickAsphalt Awards to a few worthy recipients, but every person that makes the company the best is …


Sealcoating Mix: What’s In It?

A sealcoating contractor should use a sealer that can stand up to the damaging effects of: ⛈weather ?traffic ?oil spots ☀️UV damage Never use a contractor that over dilutes your sealer mixture with water. That will result in a cheaper price, but also a cheaper product. Same with sand – it is also key to …


How Long Does Asphalt Last?

How long has it been since your roads or parking lot have had some TLC? A year? 2 years? 3 or more? It may be time to consider investing in improving the look, protection, and longevity of your asphalt. If you look closely it may be worse than you think. Over time, the sun, rain, sand …


Client SOLUTIONS: Upscale Myrtle Beach Neighborhood Road Beautification

There is a popular saying that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Well our motto in asphalt is: “if it looks like it’s getting close to breaking, you better fix it before it does (or pay for it later, literally $$$$).” We are in the business of preventative pavement maintenance and providing long-term solutions. …


Weaver Partners with Grand Strand Miracle League: “Handicap Stalls for a Cause”

North Myrtle Beach-based contractor, Weaver Construction Services, improves and preserves asphalt and pavement as well as concrete and drainage functionality for residential communities, HOAs, property managers, and commercial property owners in the Carolinas. They work with clients to develop new layout parking lots and re-stripe existing parking lots for businesses and communities in the Carolinas in …


(Pictures) Have Yourself a Weaver Little Christmas-2018

On Friday, the Weaver crew gathered together to celebrate another fantastic year.  There were awards, a delicious steak dinner, door prizes galore, and a special Weaver edition holiday cake. Enormous gratitude for our dedicated and hard-working office staff and fieldsmen and endless thanks to our wonderful clients who continue to support us. Happy Holidays and …


Client SOLUTIONS: Magnolia North

Rain or shine, our drainage crew is out working hard to quickly resolve sinkholes, busted pipes, drainage maintenance, potential underground hazards, and water sewer repairs. Who goes in and inspects those manholes or drainage grates in private communities? We do! In this location, they are excavating down to the pipe to investigate the cause of …


Client SOLUTIONS: The Power of a Retaining Wall

Our clients over at The Cottages in North Myrtle Beach reached out to Weaver Construction Services because they needed a solution for their failing retaining wall. The existing wall was inadequate due to its poor strength and lack of a drainage system. The structure could not hold up the bearing load of the adjacent houses …


Asphalt Sunscreen and Anti-Aging Regimen – WHAT?

I think we are all glad the cold, rigid temperatures of the winter are FINALLY wearing off and a warm, pollen-filled, flower blooming, pool and beach visiting summer is on the horizon. Amen! And, it is HEATING up out there, y’all. The constant blaze of the summer sun is almost upon us and although we …


Handicap Stalls for a Cause; Local Pavement Contractor Partners with Grand Strand Miracle League

North Myrtle Beach-based contractor, Weaver Construction Services, improves and beautifies asphalt and pavement roads, streets, and parking lots all year long. With that, they paint thousands of parking lot lines every year, including handicap spaces, stencils, and signage. They work directly with sitework contractors, builders, engineers, and developers in new projects that involve brand new …

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