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How Summer Heat Impacts Your Asphalt Pavement

How Summer Heat Impacts your asphalt pavement. The intense UV radiation from the sun can cause chemical and structural changes within the asphalt that lead to serious issues. Not only can the heat and UV exposure cause the pavement to soften and become more pliable, but it can also lead to cracking, oxidation, raveling and …


Top Money-Saving Asphalt Pavement Preventative Maintenance Tips

Performing preventative maintenance on your asphalt pavement just makes good dollars and sense. It is far more expensive to rip up and replace asphalt pavement than it is to maintain it and take preventative measures to protect it. That means taking good care of your asphalt pavement saves you money in the long-term. While it …


Parking Lot Maintenance: 5 Reasons It’s Important for Your Business

Parking lot maintenance might be the last thing on your mind when you think of your business and its needs. However, parking lot maintenance is an essential part of keeping your business looking good and providing your customers what they need to best visit your business. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons it’s important …


Top 6 Benefits of Repairing Pavement with Asphalt Mastic

Asphalt mastic is a material used to fill cracks and voids in asphalt pavement. It is a malleable, rubber-like material that is used to seal cracks and gaps in asphalt pavement. Asphalt mastic is an effective, long-lasting material that can be used to repair a variety of pavement defects. Asphalt mastic has a number of …


Weaver Construction Chooses Coal Tar-Free Sealcoat

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our communities, especially our children. That is why Weaver Construction Chooses Coal Tar-Free Sealcoat. Weaver Construction is committed to being coal tar-free. Coal tar is a sticky, black liquid that is produced when coal is burned. It contains high levels of toxic chemicals, including benzene, …