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Prepare Your Parking Lot for Hurricane Season


As a parking lot owner, it’s important to take proactive measures to prepare for hurricane season before it hits. Hurricane season is a time when parking lot owners should be extra vigilant in ensuring that their lots are safe and secure for customers. Here, we’ll discuss the importance of preparing your parking lot for hurricane season and explain some of the main steps to take to ensure your parking lot is ready to withstand the hurricane season.

Remove debris from trash, plants and broken pieces of pavement:

The first step to prepare your parking lot for hurricane season is to remove and clean up debris from your lot. Loose items, such as trash, plant debris or broken pieces of pavement can become dangerous projectiles during a storm. Ensure that these items are properly secured or removed prior to the hurricane season. By doing so, you can prevent damage to not only the aesthetics of your parking lot, but also to people and vehicles.

Patch holes, cracks, and potholes:

It’s always important to treat your parking lot as an investment, fix any damages you can see with the help of a professional. Whether it’s a small crack or a major pothole, having these fixed before hurricane season can prevent water from pooling and further worsening the damage.

Clear drainage and ensure properly functioning drainage system:

Hurricanes and tropical storms can result in heavy rainfall of an unusual amount over a short period of time. Therefore, your parking lot should be designed to have functional drainage systems, which can properly dispose of rainwater without pooling on the surface. It’s key to check out the stormwater drainage system to ensure there are no obstructions and ensure proper function. These systems can include catch basins, erosion control or retention ponds, among others. A proper functioning drainage system is key to prevent against possible flooding.

Sealcoating to prevent water intrusion:

Sealcoating is a preventive measure you can take that protects your parking lot from water intrusion, seals up cracks and gaps and prolongs the life of the pavement. It can help prevent any small damages from turning into bigger issues. Sealcoating can be thought of as a protective shield that helps prevent water from seeping into the pavement and causing substructural damage.

By preparing your parking lot for hurricane season, you can help minimize the impact of a storm on your property, prevent safety hazards for your customers and avoid the cost of major repairs. With the help of the experienced professionals at Weaver Construction, ensuring your parking lot is ready for hurricane season is a straightforward process. If you’re looking for parking lot repair and sealcoating in South Carolina, trust the pros at Weaver Construction. As licensed, insured and certified contractors, we are always ready to help with your parking lot repairs and maintenance needs.