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Pavement Markings, Signage, Is Your Business or HOA in Need?


Pavement Markings, Signage, Is Your Business or HOA in Need? Community managers, HOAs and retail businesses have a lot of responsibility when it comes to maintaining the safety and aesthetic of their properties. Pavement markings, signage and thermoplastics play an important role in this effort. Pavement markings create visual cues that inform drivers where they should drive, how fast they should go and what activities are allowed in certain areas. Pavement thermoplastics provide a durable surface for pedestrians to walk on safely. And signage serves as a key source of communication between business owners/property owners and visitors alike. Unfortunately, these elements can become worn down or damaged over time due to changing weather conditions as well as regular wear-and-tear from vehicle traffic.

Pavement Markings –

Pavement markings—in the form of stop bars, hashes, directional arrows, curbing and crosswalks—provide important physical cues to drivers while also enhancing the overall aesthetic look of a property. Pavement markings can help drivers identify the edges of a roadway, as well as alert them to areas where they should slow down and be extra cautious. Pavement markings also provide visual cues that help pedestrians safely cross busy streets or access parking lots in a secure manner.

Pavement Thermoplastics – 

Thermoplastics are considered one of the most durable pavement marking materials available, making them ideal for high traffic areas. Pavement thermoplastics come in several colors and textures, allowing for greater creativity when designing walkways, bike paths and other outdoor spaces. Thermoplastic pavement is also highly resistant to fading from ultraviolet rays and other environmental factors such as rain or freezing conditions.

Signage –

Signage serves as an important way to communicate a variety of information, from speed limits and warnings to directions and parking regulations. Signage can also be used aesthetically, with the addition of decorative signs that add color or texture to a property. Signage is essential in creating a safe environment for both drivers and pedestrians alike.

At Weaver Construction, we understand the importance of pavement markings, thermoplastics and signage. We use top-of-the-line materials and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that these elements are durable and long lasting. Through this commitment to quality, we help businesses and HOAs maintain the safety, security and aesthetic appeal of their properties. With Weaver Construction’s help, you can rest assured knowing that pavement markings and signage will go the distance for your property.