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3 Ways HOAs Can Quickly Prep for Hurricane Ian


When a major storm or hurricane like Hurricane Ian is heading our way, there are several things HOAs can do to help the community weather the storm and prep for the upcoming winds and rains. Let’s review the 3 ways HOAs can quickly prep for Hurricane Ian:

1. Street Drains and Water Runoffs –

Clear out street drains and water runoffs to remove any debris or material that is in or blocking the drain. This could include landscaping debris such as pine straw, mulch, twigs and branches. It’s also important to remove obstructions from ditches and catch basins to ensure water has some place to go during the rainy part of the storm. Most tropical storms and hurricanes drop several inches of rain in a very short period of time. It’s important to make sure the places designed for that water to flow to are free of debris and obstructions that could cause back-up and flooding.

2. Pond and Lake Outfalls –

Ponds and lakes are common in complexes across the Myrtle Beach area. These bodies of water are often there to help absorb or take in and channel water when there is excess rain. Make sure to clean the outfalls of ponds and lakes so they are clear of any debris. Clear any accessible debris from pipes, spouts, ditches and drains related to ponds and lakes. Again, this will help water flow into areas where it is intended to and help you possibly avoid excess flooding.

3. Evaluate the Storm –

Check for standing water once the rain hits and immediately when the storm passes. Make clear notes about areas where water has collected, particularly in lots and paved areas and let your paving contractor know about those trouble spots. Your paving contractor can help address those areas after the storm to fix any drainage or pavement issues causing water to pool and flood so that it doesn’t occur in future storms.

We know Hurricane Ian is heading our way, but he won’t be the last hurricane we’ll deal with in the Grand Strand. These 3 ways for HOAs to quickly prep for Hurricane Ian are a good list to follow when any tropical storm or hurricane is headed our way. Be safe and we’ll be here after the storm to help correct any drainage and pavement related issues you might encounter before the next storm.